Omar A. Zohdi
Omar A Zohdi

Hello! My name is Omar, I'm a geek, a technologist and a game programmer. I recently completed my MSc in computer game development at DePaul University. My work focuses on delivering new and innovative experiences that players can enjoy. I mainly work on the challenging aspects of game engines; building the underlying systems and tools for game-play programmers. I'm also quite interested in emerging technologies like VR & AR. I'm a big fan of story driven games that show the human and emotional side of stories through interactive storytelling.

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Soteria is a 2D, single player, steam punk adventure game, in which the player as Ana Carmena reclaims her dreams from the evil Shadow Toad by facing her fears. The game is informed by psychology research and aims to promote mental and emotional readiness for the use of effective strategies to overcome general anxiety disorder.


This is a game about the eating disorder anorexia nervosa, a phenomenon that is often highly incomprehensible to people without first hand experience and freight with misconceptions.